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Equinox Field Modes

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Field: Ideal for detecting in historical fields for the widest range of target sizes

Field Mode is for searching open pasture, cropped or plowed fields, and historically occupied sites. These environments generally contain ferrous trash and coke from previous human occupation. In highly infested sites, Field Mode is well suited for rejecting coke and detecting hammered coins and ancient artifacts amongst the iron trash.

With Frequency set to Multi, Field Mode will be the most sensitive to the widest range of targets and more accurately identify objects at the limits of detection depth, compared to all single frequency options.

field1-300x235Field 1: Coins / Artifacts

Field 1 is for general hunting with high trash rejection. This assists in locating desired targets more easily. The default discrimination pattern is set to reject Target IDs 1 and 2 (most coke signals). The first Tone Break is set so that Target IDs 1 and 2 will produce the same low tone as ferrous targets.

Field 1 Multi-IQ processes a lower frequency weighted multi-frequency signal, as well as using algorithms that maximise ground balancing for soil, to achieve the best signal to noise ratio. Hence being most suited for general detecting and coin hunting.

field2-300x234Field 2: Fine Coins / Artifacts

Field 2 suits locations with high target and trash densities. It will better detect small hammered coins on their edge or at greater depth. The default discrimination pattern is set to reject Target IDs 1 and 2 (most coke signals). Target Tone is set to 50 tones to enhance audio identification and Recovery Speed is faster. The first Tone Break has been set so that Target IDs 1 and 2 produce the same low tone as ferrous targets.

Field 2 Multi-IQ processes a higher frequency weighted multifrequency signal while ground balancing for soil.

Field Detecting Hotspots

When it comes to detecting historical items, you will want to find old inhabited sites that may have long disappeared from view. Research is a great way to find out where old sites may have existed from old texts, maps, and articles. This method of site selection can pay off and yield wonderful results. Just search online for "metal detector treasure" to see what is being discovered! Freshly ploughed fields are also very good detecting locations, as targets that were deep may have been churned to the surface during plowing.

Difficult Areas - Coke


Rejected Target IDs 1 and 2 in the discrimination pattern for Field Mode Search Profiles. Coke is the charcoal and carbon by-product of burnt coal and is prevalent around historically populated areas. Generally, coke has a Target ID of 1 or 2. For this reason, it is rejected by default in Field Mode. Note, this could result in some small non-ferrous targets being missed. Field 1 Multi-IQ, even with Target IDs 1 and 2 accepted, will reject more coke more than Field 2 using Multi-IQ.


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