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Can You Make Money Metal Detecting?

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Most of the people who are into metal detecting are doing this for the love of the activity – a hobby. If you are one of these hobbyists, you probably use your metal detecting tools during your free time in order to have something to do for fun or leisure. But for a few others, they take metal detecting a bit more seriously and do it for a living.

This leads to the next question: can you make money metal detecting? If you are new to this hobby, this question has probably crossed your mind a few times. This guide has all the information you need to know about making money with this activity, along with some strategies you can use.

Making Money Metal Detecting 101

For hobbyists, you probably think that you won’t get rich with metal detecting. It is an activity that is mostly done out of fun and to simply get outdoors. But for a few others, this activity has considerably brought in profits that they have made a living out of.

You might hear in the news about precious artifacts being uncovered in various parts of the world. Unfortunately, the possibility of this happening to you and making a fortune out of it is very slim. You cannot rely on the idea of finding a precious find to help you make money with this hobby.

It is also important to note that metal detecting equipment is not inexpensive. You have made an investment in buying these tools that you can use for your hobby. Plus, your time is valuable so that is something you need to consider if you want to make a living out of this hobby.

Since you cannot rely on cashing in on your precious finds to make money, there are other ways that you can make money with this activity. You will find out more later on about strategies that you can use.

Strategies for Making Money Metal Detecting

Are you serious about making money metal detecting? Here are some strategies that you can use.

Coin Hunting

There are several precious items that you could potentially discover when you undergo metal detecting. Hunting for coins is one of the best ways to earn quick cash. Many people tend to lose coins in public places such as beaches, parks, backyards, and hiking trails. Scour these areas using your metal detection tools so you can stumble upon these coins.

Coins are money. The more coins you can gather, the easier it is for you to make money with this hobby since you know their exact monetary value. Even old coins can be worth a lot especially if you sell them to avid collectors.

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Jewelry Hunting

Aside from searching for coins, finding jewelry items when you go on a treasure hunt is another quick way to make money. The older the jewelry item is, the better because they tend to be higher in value.

Just like coins, you will mostly find them in public places like beaches, parks, stadiums, and open fields. The value of the jewelry that you can find will depend on the material used for making it. Whether you get gold, silver, bronze, or platinum jewelry, it is going to be worth a certain amount of money!

Cache Hunting

This one represents the true essence of treasure hunting in this modern time. The best thing about cache hunting is that you’ll never know what you will find inside. You might be able to find coins, jewelry, or any other precious items like relics.

This type of item is often harder to find because you will have to know that such a treasure exists and its exact location. Most caches are hidden deeper underneath the ground so you need a more powerful metal detecting tool to find it.

Gold Hunting

Finding gold is a dream for many. In fact, there are a lot of people who have dedicated their lives in search of gold nuggets.

Using your handy metal detecting tool, you can make your search easy. It is best to do research on the location where you will be conducting your gold hunt. This will increase your chances of finding those gold nuggets if they ever were to be found in the specific area you are hunting in.

To increase your chances of finding gold, you must invest in a metal detector that is specifically designed to identify gold.

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Offer Your Services

If you have the skill in metal detecting, why not offer your services to those who are in need of it? There are several benefits that can be gained from the use of metal detecting tools and with your knowledge on how to use them.

For example, they are highly valuable in forensic detection and recovery services. You can get hired as an independent detective to help look for forensic evidence. You can also offer your services to those looking for lost items such as lost rings or other pieces of jewelry.

You could even offer any antique relics or objects you uncover to a nearby museum or art gallery. You have the chance to earn money for any items that they choose to have displayed in their museum or gallery.

Some Ethical Considerations

If you would like to make money with metal detecting, it is still important to observe a few ethical rules. You need to keep in mind that not all treasures you find can be kept. Depending on where you live, there might be finders-keepers law (or not). If the latter applies to you, most laws would require you to surrender any items worth more than $100. When this happens to you and if you have such a law in your area, you need to hand over the items found to the police.

Another ethical consideration you have to make is in terms of the area where you conduct your treasure hunting. It is important to note that certain federal, state, or local laws apply in terms of seeking permission to do metal detecting work in various locations. For example, you cannot do this on national monuments, national parks, heritage sites, and historical sites. If you do your metal detecting work in a public place, always double-check if you need permission first.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to make money metal detecting.


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