Minelab Manticore Metal Detector

Minelab Unleashes the Perfect Beast - The Manticore Metal Detector

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More Power, More Depth. More Finds. Minelab announced their latest metal detector, Manticore this week. MANTICORE with Multi-IQ+ is the most powerful, fastest, and most precise metal detector in Minelab’s history. The heart of MANTICORE is its super-charged Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (MULTI-IQ+) engine. This feat of innovation generates an incredible 50% power increase over the best-selling detector series of all time: EQUINOX. When combined with advanced 2D Target Identification (ID) and rich audio options, the detectorist has every bit of vital information arriving at their eyes and ears. MANTICORE is an unrivaled detecting experience that pushes the boundaries of detecting to deliver more power, more depth, and more finds. Manticore Features:
  • 2D ID Map
    • Detect and Identify: If it contains metal, you'll see it on the ID Map.
    • Classify Targets: Ferrous Limits decide what's ferrous/non-ferrous so you can maximize the detectability of targets amongst ferrous trash, reject bottle caps, or accept ferrous coins.
    • Discriminate: Create a Custom Discrimination Pattern to Accept good Target IDs and Reject bad ones.
    • Assign Audio: Assign the Pitch and Volume for up to 5 Tone Regions - Amplify the targets you want to hear.
    • Confident Audio Responses: Now you'll only detect targets you want to find.
  • Fast Response: Find desired targets amongst ferrous trash like no other detector on the market with Manticore's exceptional target separation performance.
  • Light and Compact: 1.3 kg / 2.9 lb with an extended length of 1440 mm / 56.7 inch and a collapsible length of 630 mm / 24.8 inch.
  • Enhanced Discrimination: Improved Target ID stability and close target separation. With customizable Ferrous Limits, you have unprecedented control to accept ferrous coins, reject complex ferrous targets, or dial in maximum target unmasking in iron.
  • Audio Controls: Customizable target tones, suppress EMI chatter, and Continuous Pitch audio with ferrous tones and genuine threshold detection tone.
  • Search Modes: Over 10 customizable Search Modes including:
    • All-Terrain: Optimized for inland detecting.
    • Beach: Optimized for sand, surf, and seawater zones.
    • Goldfield: Optimized for detecting gold nuggets.
  • Waterproof: Dive up to 5 m for underwater exploration.
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Boosted EMI Immunity
  • Lighting & Vibration: Control Pod Flashlight, Display Backlight with Auto Adjust, Backlit Keyboard, plus Handgrip Vibration means you can hunt long after the sun has gone down.
Visit our Minelab Manticore Page for more information, or to Pre-Order today!


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