Minelab X-TERRA Series Search Coils

Minelab X-TERRA Series Search Coils

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Find more gold and treasure with premium quality coils. Increase your detector’s performance for all target types and all detecting conditions.

Coil Transmit Frequencies

By changing the coil you can change your X-TERRA’s frequency. VFLEX technology gives you three frequencies to choose from: 3 kHz, 7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz.

Double D / Concentric 3kHz - Low frequency for deep, large and/or high conductive targets, such as silver, copper, large gold rings and artifacts

Double D / Concentric 7.5kHz - Medium frequency for all-round detecting, good sensitivity and detection depth for all target sizes

Double D / Concentric 18.75 kHz - High frequency is very sensitive and ideal for jewellery, fine chains and sub-gram gold nuggets

The X‑TERRA accessory coil range is very versatile and provides many different sizes and configurations to suit your detecting requirements.

  • Low frequency coils are better suited for higher conductive targets.
  • High frequency coils are more sensitive to lower conductive targets.
  • Larger coils will detect larger targets more deeply than a smaller coil.
  • Smaller coils are more sensitive to small targets.
  • Concentric coils provide more accurate Target ID than a similar size Double-D coil.
  • Double-D coils separate targets better than a comparable size concentric coil.
  • Low frequency coils typically detect deeper than comparable sized high frequency coils.

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