Top 5 Gifts Metal Detecting 2021

Top 5 Gifts for Your Favorite Metal Detectorist in 2021

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Do you know someone who loves metal detecting? Shopping for the metal detectorist can be surprisingly easy, and that doesn't have to mean picking out a brand new metal detector. Here are our top picks for thoughtful gifts any metal detectorist is sure to love.

A Good Book

As the colder weather gives many a detectorist more inside time, this is the perfect season to learn more about their favorite metal detector or discover new treasure hunting tips and techniques they'll be excited to try out come Spring. Browse our wide selection of books.

Cable Sleeves

Cable sleeves are an easy way to add personal style to a metal detector. Affordable, easy to install, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Snake Skinz and Anderson cable covers are popular choices to make metal detectors stand out. Interested in seeing more customization options? Check out the article, A Personal Touch of Style for your Equinox 600 | 800.


Digging Knife

Double-edged, with a serrated side for cutting through roots and a sharpened edge to get through tough grass and dirt. A digging knife is a must-have tool (second only to the pinpointer) for any metal detectorist. With a comfortable rubber grip, these knives enable plug cutting with ease. We have right and left serration options.



Protect your head from too much sun while you're out seeking treasure, or just show off your brand pride with a metal detecting cap. Sporting a Serious Detecting cap is a sure-fire way to be recognized by fellow fans of the hobby without saying a word. View all of our hats.



Some metal detectors come with a standard pair of headphones or none at all, making headphones a great upgrade. Headphones provide more clarity and allow one to pick up sounds hard to head on the external speaker alone. Popular choices for upgrading are Wireless or Waterproof options. View our picks below or click the links above to explore our gift recommendations. Need more help? Contact us at or give us a call at (844) 771-0707 for help selecting a gift for the metal detectorist in your life.

Do you have someone on your list who is really hard to shop for? Gift Cards can also make a great gift!


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