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Who Makes The Best Metal Detector?

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The hobby of metal detecting is no longer just for a few. There is a growing number of people who are into this activity, which has resulted in a growing demand for metal detectors. As newbies to this hobby quickly learn, finding the right device can be the secret to having success with this activity. Who makes the best metal detector? The answer to this could be your ticket to getting the best tool to help with your treasure hunting activity.

Who Makes the Best Metal Detector: Factors to Consider

Determining who makes the best metal detector is a matter of knowing what your needs are. Any hobbyist knows that not all metal detectors are the same. Some are better suited for specific locations or for finding certain objects (such as gold, coins, etc). Your ability to match the features of a metal detector to your needs can bring you much success with this hobby.

Therefore, it is important to consider a few factors to help you find the best metal detector for the job.


There are various metal detector models suited for different types of ground conditions when treasure hunting. Before you choose the best metal detector, you need to understand the conditions of a specific location. In general, you have to decide if you are going to find treasure in the water or land.

Some but not all metal detectors are made with waterproof coils. Therefore, you have to know exactly the conditions you are going to do your search in so you can use tools with the right set of features.


Budget is a practical consideration when you are choosing the best metal detector. Budget is an issue with new hobbyists because most do it only for leisure, unlike professional metal detectors who make a living out of their hobby.

There is a common misconception that more expensive models are better. However, this is far from the truth because the price is proportional to the number of features that a model has. It is also important to note that some models are sold without accessories so you have to consider the additional expense of buying those separately.


The definition of ‘treasure’ could vary from one person to another. Some would like to find gold while others are interested in finding old coins. Whatever kind of treasure you want to find, you need to look for a metal detector that is designed to find just that.

For instance, there are metal detectors designed specifically for finding gold or coins. Make sure to choose them accordingly. It is because these metal detectors are equipped with features designed for the specific composition of these objects.

Who Makes the Best Metal Detector: Top Brands

Knowing the different factors you need to consider when buying a metal detector is only the first step. You need to know about the top brands that manufacture them so you can get a guarantee of quality, performance, and reliability.

These are the best brands that make the best metal detector in the market today.


This brand has been around for over three decades and is one of the most popular metal detector brands in the market. Minelab metal detectors are designed to be rugged so they can handle tough metal detecting conditions. In fact, their metal detectors are all-purpose models that can be used for any environment.

These metal detectors are also ISO certified and are of military grade. Their models are also equipped with multi-IQ tech and come with two search coils for more accuracy when hunting.

who makes the best metal detector


Garrett is a familiar name among avid metal detecting hobbyists. The brand was founded by Charles Garrett, who was among the pioneers of metal detector technology. He is an electrical engineer who was into this hobby in the 1960s, which helped him develop his own products and brand.

Today, Garrett metal detectors are among the best in the industry with proprietary technology and advanced capabilities. There are several models to choose from so you can easily choose one that is suited for your specific metal detecting needs.


Fisher is another notable brand that manufactures metal detectors. They have been around since 1931 and have been designing all kinds of metal detectors throughout those years. Their metal detectors range from analog to digital models, as well as those with single or multiple frequencies. The brand is also known for its large LCD display and double discrimination modes.


If you are in search of metal detectors capable of handling deep searching, Teknetics has the model for you. The brand was founded in 1983 and has committed itself to delivering state-of-the-art metal detectors. Their models offer a wide range of search modes, target depth indicators, and large LCD displays so you can easily access information about your search.


XP is a French brand that is synonymous with technology and innovation. This is reflected in the quality of their metal detectors available in the market right now. They bring more than 20 years of experience in the industry. XP has a wide range of metal detector varieties that range from entry-level to high-end models. The most unique feature about XP’s metal detectors is their lightweight design.

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If you are new to the hobby of metal detecting, it is important to choose these brands so you can expect the best performance. It is up to you to choose the specific models from these brands according to the type of treasure hunting you want to embark on.


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