Garrett Goldmaster 24K with 2 Coils

Discover gold like never before with the Garrett Goldmaster 24k Metal Detector w/ 6" x 10" Coil Elliptical DD and 6" Round Concentric Coils! This cutting-edge metal detector boasts unrivaled sensitivity, thanks to its innovative XGB Ground Balance System, ensuring precise and reliable performance across diverse ground conditions with minimal interference from ground noise.

Equipped with an intelligent Auto Tracking System, the GM24k adapts effortlessly to various terrains, providing a more stable operation for your treasure hunting endeavors. Whether you're a seasoned prospector or a novice enthusiast, this rainproof metal detector is your ideal companion, complete with a waterproof search coil, allowing you to explore rivers, creeks, and even in light rain without a worry.

The Garrett Goldmaster 24k offers two audio modes, catering to your preference and target identification needs. Opt for the 2-tone "Beep" Mode, perfect for distinguishing different target types, or select the Standard VCO "Zip" Mode, where audio pitch and volume progressively increase with signal strength, enabling you to pinpoint valuable finds with greater accuracy.

Adaptability is key, and the Variable Self-Adjusting Threshold feature empowers you to modify the threshold recovery speed, minimizing the impact of fluctuating ground mineralization. Uncover treasures buried deep within the earth with the 6" x 10" DD Coil, known for its depth and sensitivity, while the 6" Round Concentric Coil excels in identifying targets and sensitivity while exploring brush, creek beds, and areas where tiny nuggets might be concealed.

When seeking larger gold in mild ground conditions, the Concentric Coil may even surpass the 6x10DD performance, though adjustments to sensitivity levels might be necessary in challenging ferrous or alkali-rich terrains.

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