Nokta Mini Hoard Waterproof Kids Metal Detector

Introduce your little explorer to the exciting world of treasure hunting with the Nokta Mini Hoard Waterproof Kids Metal Detector. Specifically designed for young treasure hunters, this waterproof metal detector offers a range of features that will ignite their curiosity and spark their imagination.

The Nokta Mini Hoard is built to withstand the energetic and adventurous nature of kids, with its durable and waterproof design ensuring that it can handle any outdoor environment. Rain or shine, the Mini Hoard will keep up with their treasure-seeking quests.

Equipped with adjustable sensitivity and discrimination settings, the Mini Hoard allows kids to customize their detecting experience and focus on finding valuable treasures. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it easy for children to handle, encouraging hours of fun-filled treasure hunting.

With its audio alert and visual indicator, the Mini Hoard provides instant feedback, allowing kids to identify when they're near a hidden treasure. This not only enhances their detecting skills but also adds to the excitement of the hunt.

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