Teknetics G2 Metal Detector

The Teknetics G2  is the ultimate high-performance coin and relic detector. Designed to conquer iron-infested sites, this detector features cutting-edge technologies including Adjustable Iron Audio, FeTone® Adjustable Iron Audio, and the Enhanced V-Break® Tone Discrimination System.

With Adjustable Iron Audio, you can fine-tune the detector's response to iron targets, ensuring you don't miss valuable finds. The FeTone® Adjustable Iron Audio allows you to customize the audio response to different iron levels, providing enhanced target identification. Plus, the Enhanced V-Break® Tone Discrimination System helps you distinguish between valuable targets and unwanted iron signals with precision.

Whether you're a seasoned detectorist or a beginner, the Teknetics G2 Metal Detector is your key to uncovering hidden coins and relics with unrivaled accuracy. Don't settle for anything less than high-performance – choose the Teknetics G2 and take your treasure hunting to the next level.
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