XP Deus Metal Detector

Unleash the power of the XP Deus Metal Detector, a groundbreaking innovation that revolutionizes the world of metal detecting. With its patented architecture based on three key elements, including a search coil, remote control, and headphones (optional pinpointer), the XP Deus offers unparalleled performance and precision.

What sets the XP Deus apart is its lightning-fast digital radio signal communication between all three components. The signal is digitized and analyzed directly at the source by an ultra-miniature digital processor, resulting in a significant improvement in signal quality. This integrated circuit located in the sensor head processes the information and transmits it in real time to the headphones and remote control via a reliable radio link.

Experience a detecting experience like never before with the XP Deus Metal Detector. Its advanced technology and real-time signal processing ensure that you never miss a valuable find. Uncover hidden treasures with ease and precision, thanks to the cutting-edge design of the XP Deus. Elevate your metal detecting game and embark on exciting adventures with this innovative detector today.

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