XP Deus RC + WS5 Metal Detector

Discover the XP Deus Metal Detector, a true game-changer in the world of treasure hunting. Boasting unparalleled performance and advanced features, this detector sets a new standard for versatility and precision.

The XP Deus Metal Detector is renowned for its wireless design, allowing for maximum freedom of movement during your treasure hunting expeditions. Say goodbye to tangled cords and restrictions – with the XP Deus, you can explore with ease and agility.

Featuring multiple operating frequencies, this detector adapts to various types of targets and ground conditions, ensuring you never miss a valuable find. With its innovative Fast Track and Multi-IQ technologies, the XP Deus excels at locating even the smallest and deepest targets with exceptional accuracy.

Customizability is key with the XP Deus. With its user-friendly interface and advanced settings, you can tailor the detector to your specific preferences and hunting style. Adjust discrimination levels, sensitivity, and audio response to optimize your detecting experience and maximize your finds.

Designed with comfort in mind, the XP Deus is lightweight and ergonomically balanced, reducing fatigue during long detecting sessions. Its collapsible shaft makes it easily transportable, whether you're exploring the beach, fields, or forests.

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