Garrett Pinpointers

Garrett Pro-Pointer Pinpointers - the ultimate companions for precise target recovery and unparalleled detecting efficiency. With their cutting-edge features and innovative technology, these pinpointers are the go-to tools for detectorists of all levels.

Garrett Pro-Pointer II: Designed for swift target recovery, the Pro-Pointer II is a game-changer in the world of pinpointing. Its patented proportional audio/vibration feature provides a unique advantage by increasing in intensity as the pinpointer approaches the target, ensuring you never miss a valuable find. With lightning-fast response times, this pinpointer helps you locate targets quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT: Dive into the depths of underwater treasure hunting with the Pro-Pointer AT. Submersible to an impressive 20 feet, this pinpointer lets you explore rivers, lakes, and shorelines with confidence. Its fast re-tune capability allows you to tune out environmental noise or narrow your detection field, enabling precise pinpointing of larger targets. Uncover hidden treasures even in challenging underwater conditions with the Pro-Pointer AT.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk: Experience the freedom of wireless technology with the Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk. This fully wireless pinpointer revolutionizes the way you detect. Sync your Pro-Pointer AT to your Z-Lynk enabled detector and enjoy the convenience of hearing both detector and pinpointer alarms directly in your headphones. No more distractions from external noise in bustling environments such as beaches, high winds, or congested urban areas. Stay focused on your hunt and never miss a valuable target with the Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk.

Which Garrett Pinpointer is Best for Me?

Pro-Pointer AT Z-LYNK Pro-Pointer AT Pro-Pointer II
Z-Lynk™ Wireless Technology No No
Proportional Audio
Waterproof Yes, to 20 feet (6m). IP 68 Yes, to 20 feet (6m). IP 68 No. Weatherproof, splashproof. (IP 66)
Total Weight 6.5 oz (0.2 kg) w/battery 6.5 oz (0.2 kg) w/battery 6.5 oz (0.2 kg) w/battery
Power 9V (included) 9V (included) 9V (included)
Warranty 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
Vibration pulse for target indication
360° side scan detection plus pinpointing tip
Fast Retune (quick-press to shrink detection field) Use quick Power off/on retune method
Adjustable sensitivity No
Lost Pro-Pointer alarm
Automatic power off
Ruler with inch/cm markings No
Lanyard attachment loop
Automatic tuning at turn-on?
Patented scraping blade
LED light
Operating Temperatures -4º F (-20º C) to +130º F (54º C) -4º F (-20º C) to +130º F (54º C) -4º F (-20º C) to +130º F (54º C)
Web holster Included Included Included