Thank you for purchasing one of our Anderson Detector Shafts. Our products have been designed to last for many years with proper care and use.

Fig 1
Before Inserting the lower rod Into the shaft, be sure that the thumbscrew (Fig l) is unscrewed enough for the rod to pass by. Insert the lower rod into the shaft and keep the spring button not in line with the thumbscrew. Once the lower rod is in 3 to 4 inches then rotate it so that the spring button is in line with the lower adjustment holes of the shaft. You can adjust the length of the assembly by pushing it into the spring button and sliding the lower rod up or down to the most comfortable position. Tighten the thumbscrew finger tight only and do NOT use tools! It is very important to clean your assembly after every use. When finished detecting, disassemble the shaft by removing the lower rod and thoroughly clean all parts inside and out with fresh water. This will remove any sand and silt that has accumulated while you were in the water detecting. The use of silicone grease is not recommended on our products as it may trap and hold salt, sand, and silt. Food grade silicone spray may help keep shafts lubricated and offers some additional waterproofing protection to coil and headphones cables.
Fig 2
Your Anderson shaft uses an Innovative internal threaded bushing system Inside the shaft at the handle and arm cuff locations (Fig 2). Two 1/4" button head alien screws hold the cuff and handle in place on the shaft. Although the handle and cuff have been placed in the most generally used locations and will work best for most users, it may be desirable to adjust these locations to maximize comfort or to remove them entirely to permit maintenance or cleaning of the shaft. Follow these steps to remove or change the positions of the handle, cuff, or to remove the bushings. You will require the 5/32" allen key that was included with your shaft as well as a length of 1/4" threaded rod about 3 feet in length if you are removing the internal bushings. To change the locations of the handle or cuff simply undo the two button head screws and slide the handle or cuff to the next set of holes .. Insert the screws and tighten until snug. Do not overtighten.
Fig 3
If you wish to remove the bushings completely you will need to first remove the bushing in the end of the shaft. Next, take the threaded rod and insert it into the shaft, screwing it into the bushing. Remove the 2 button head screws in the cuff and simply pull the bushing out with the threaded rod. Repeat this procedure to remove the handle. To install follow the steps in reverse