Nokta Deephunter

Experience the groundbreaking Nokta Deephunter metal detector, a game-changer that combines unprecedented technology to transform your treasure hunting endeavors. As the world's first metal detector capable of locating Deep Treasures, Cavities, and Individual Coins all in one unit, the Deephunter offers unmatched versatility and power.

No longer do you need multiple devices, as the Nokta Deephunter metal detector provides the ultimate solution. With its robust design, this single detector can detect both individual coins and larger treasures at extreme depths, exceeding your wildest expectations. Switch between detecting styles effortlessly, enjoying the thrill of fast and deep detection at the touch of a button.
Choose from two exceptional modes: the powerful deep seeking mode designed to unearth treasures of precious metals, cavities, and voids, utilizing full Color 3D Image Analysis for detailed insights into your discoveries or switch to the lightning-fast mode, ideal for locating individual targets and gold nuggets at impressive depths, offering full discrimination and audio tone identification for precise target recognition.

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