Share your most cherished discovery along with its story, and everyone who has their story published on our website will enjoy a 10% off discount!


This is an ongoing event, with submissions accepted throughout the month. Whenever we publish your story on the Serious Detecting website, you'll receive a 10% off coupon. There's no specific date for this—it's all about getting your treasure hunting triumphs featured.


Everyone is welcome to share their personal treasure hunting triumphs with Serious Detecting. We are always thrilled to hear the stories of those who uncovered treasures.


Every story posted on our website gets a coupon for 10% OFF anything on our website.

DISCLAIMER: Serious Detecting's Story Submission

No purchase necessary. Just submit your favorite treasure hunting story and photos for a chance to be selected.

Specify the Metal Detector detector you used for your Favorite Find.

Please avoid submitting the same Favorite Find more than once, but feel free to share new discoveries as they happen.

Submissions can be sent via email to or by regular mail to Serious Detecting's main address.

Story submissions will be published on and Serious Detecting social media.

By submitting your Favorite Find entry, you authorize Serious Detecting to use your testimonial for future social media posts, website displays, inclusion in future catalogs, or other marketing materials.

Please note that there is NO financial or other compensation for such usage.

To be eligible to have your submission posted on the Serious Detecting website, you must submit the following photo:

Position the object found on or next to your metal detector.

Recommended Additional Photos: Posing with your find, the find next to the plug, a close-up in your hand, on your control box, at the location you found it, you with your detector, etc.

Please be aware that we may request additional photos or information to verify the authenticity of your submission.

Winners should anticipate their 10% OFF coupon code emailed to them within 30 days to allow time for verification.



1. SHARE ELECTRONICALLY by using the form below.

2. EMAIL. For email, please include the following:

A brief story about your discovery and a photo.

Specify the Serious Detecting metal detector you were using.

Clear, in-focus photos of the item(s) you found (original, high-resolution files over 500k are preferred; 3 inches at 300 dpi resolution is best).

Your full name and shipping address.

Attach photos to the email and send to

3. MAIL. You can also send us a letter with your photo and story to:

Serious Detecting
Marketing Department
3901 Bestech Drive, UNIT 100
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