Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector

Designed with advanced technology and precision, the Teknetics T2 metal detector is perfect for coin hunting, jewelry hunting, relic hunting, and more. With its Trigger Actuated Target Pinpointing feature, you can easily locate and zero in on your targets with accuracy. The Double Filter Discrimination Modes allow you to customize your search by eliminating unwanted targets and focusing on valuable treasures. Say goodbye to false signals with the Trigger Actuated FASTGRAB Instant Ground Cancelling, which ensures optimal performance in various soil conditions. You also have the option of manual ground cancellation for fine-tuning your detector. The Continuous Ground Monitor keeps you informed about the mineralization levels, allowing you to adjust your settings accordingly. The Ground Mineralization Bar Graph Readout provides visual feedback for quick and easy interpretation. With its impressive target separation capability, the T2 enables you to detect multiple targets in close proximity, maximizing your chances of finding valuable treasures. Whether you're exploring dry beaches, venturing into freshwater areas, or delving into historical sites, the Teknetics T2 metal detector is your ultimate companion for uncovering hidden treasures.