Best Places to Use a Metal Detector

Best Places to Use a Metal Detector

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Everybody loves a good treasure hunting escapade, because you never know what you’re going to find, right? You just got yourself a shiny new metal detector, so naturally, the next logical step is to start looking for places where ‘hidden treasures’ might be discovered. Now, the question is: where’s a good place to start? You may have ideas of your own but you certainly can’t go trespassing on private properties or restricted dig sites. That would buy you a first-hand ticket to trouble with the law. In your quest to hunt for treasures using your new metal detector, here are great places to start with:

Why Not Start with Your Own Back/Front Yard?

Before venturing out to unchartered territory, it’s always a good idea to do the hunting in your own backyard. Majority of homes are built on land previously owned or used in some way or the other. There’s a good chance people have dropped ‘stuff’ which got buried deep within the soil. And this stuff could be anything from dropped coins and jewelry to memorabilia and other valuable, sought after objects. Starting with the front or back yard also gives you a chance to understand how your metal detector works.

The Beach

These are undeniably the number one choice for most folks with metal detectors – you’ll see plenty of them too scouting around on the local beach, for hours on end, in some cases. Since beaches are so regularly used by the public, there’s a very high likelihood that you might find something useful. It isn’t exactly unusual for people to drop things at the beach – the towel line is where you should start – this is where sun-bathers sprawl out their towels and often misplace things where there are dips in the wet sand. If you find something of interest here, and you probably will, keep scanning this area because the waves tend to sweep objects along the lowest point. Seasoned metal detector enthusiasts refer to these as ‘poeckets’ – in fact, these areas are practically a gold mine of coins, rings, lost phones – or anything else people might have on them at the beach. Make sure you get permission beforehand even if it’s a public beach.

Public Parks

You’ve probably heard of “where there’s people, there’s treasure” – which is why it’s worth scouting out the local park in your area. However, you should approach the public park authorities first to seek permission. Think about the places that people tend to use the most at parks – around benches, under a tree or perhaps a place where there used to be a kiosk. Don’t be shy to ask around.

Stadiums & Bleachers

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because all sporting events see crowds by the numbers – people carelessly jumping around with excitement, which means they’re bound to lose things! Hit your local stadium, and scan the bleachers in particular, to have your shot at walking home with a little post-sporting event booty! If you want to get serious about metal detecting, take a look at our diverse collection of high-quality metal detectors.


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