Garrett AXIOM Metal Detector Release

Garrett AXIOM Metal Detector Release

in Serious Detecting Blog

Serious Detecting is pleased to announce the release of a new high-performance pulse induction prospecting metal detector, the Garrett Axiom. Coupled with the release of the Goldmaster 24k high-frequency VLF prospecting detector last year, the addition of Axiom signifies Garrett’s long-term commitment to supporting the gold prospecting community with powerful new options.

The Garrett Axiom will be available in two standard packages, each including two searchcoils and headphones. Each kit varies slightly based on the regions where they will be used (i.e. wired headphones versus wireless headphones where electrical charging sources are not readily available.)

Axiom Standard Package (PN 1142720) Includes Axiom pulse induction detector, MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones, 13” DD searchcoil, 11” Mono searchcoil, soft travel pack, Axiom battery booster pack, and charging cables.

The Axiom is eligible for Garrett’s Military Discount.


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