Garrett Multi-Flex, Multi-Frequency Technology

Garrett Multi-Flex, Multi-Frequency Technology

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Garrett’s Multi-Flex technology, fueled by a cutting edge, broad-bandwidth digital platform, simply gives you more versatility with the Apex than can be found on any detector in its price range!

APEX Frequency Options are 5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, Multi-Frequency, Multi-Salt

Choose from powerful single frequencies to enhance detection on specific targets*, or select one of Apex’s simultaneous multifrequency modes to achieve excellent detection on all targets in all soils.

* Note: lower frequencies generally offer improved detection on larger and more conductive targets (i.e. large silver coins). Higher frequencies generally offer improved detection on smaller and less conductive targets (i.e., hammered silver coins, gold nuggets).

Multi-Flex Multi-Frequency Technology from Garrett Metal Detectors on Vimeo.


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