Garrett Vortex Metal Detector RELEASED!

Garrett Vortex Metal Detector RELEASED!

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Introducing the Vortex Metal Detector Series by Garrett, engineered to meet the demands of both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and robust features, the Vortex series sets a new standard in precision and performance in the world of metal detecting.

From the versatile VX5 model, offering fast fixed Recovery Speed and a waterproof design up to 16 feet (5m), to the advanced VX7 with its multi-frequency capabilities and specialized saltwater mode, each detector is crafted to excel in diverse environments. At the pinnacle stands the VX9, tailored for professionals with its comprehensive MD-MF Target ID display, advanced frequency options, and specialized detection modes for fine coins and high-trash areas.

Powered by Garrett’s Multi-Dimensional Multi-Frequency (MD-MF) Technology, the Vortex series ensures accurate target analysis through simultaneous multiple frequencies and sophisticated conductivity and ferrous content assessments. Whether searching for relics, coins, or precious metals, the Vortex series delivers unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in every sweep.

Explore the Vortex series and discover why Garrett remains a leader in metal detection innovation and performance.

VX5 Metal Detector The Vortex VX5 model offers a comprehensive range of features, boasting rapid fixed Recovery Speed for adjacent targets. It is fully waterproof up to 16 feet (5m), available in both Single and Multi-Frequency configurations. Equipped with a single-tier MD-MF Target ID scale and three audio tones, it's designed for versatile metal detecting needs.

VX7 Metal Detector Building on the VX5, the Vortex VX7 provides enhanced capabilities with more frequency and mode options, including the powerful Multi-Frequency Salt mode for wet sand and saltwater environments. It features a two-tiered MD-MF Target ID display, offering separate scales for ferrous and non-ferrous targets. Additional audio tones and adjustable Recovery Speed further enhance its performance.

VX9 Metal Detector The top-tier model in the Vortex series, the VX9 is tailored for professionals seeking advanced features. It includes a full three-tiered MD-MF Target ID display with dual ferrous scales to distinguish unwanted iron trash. Enhanced with Multi-Salt mode and multiple frequency choices, the VX9 also offers adjustable Recovery Speed controls. Specialized modes like FAST Mode for competition hunts and THIN COINS Mode for detecting fine, lower conductive coins underscore its precision and versatility.

Garrett’s Multi-Dimensional Multi-Frequency (MD-MF) Technology is integrated across all Vortex models, facilitating deeper and more precise target analysis by utilizing multiple frequencies and dimensions of conductivity and ferrous content. The VX9's LCD display features a multi-axis Target ID with three distinct scales, highlighting its advanced analytical capabilities.


STAY TUNED!, we will be listing the new Garrett Vortex metal detectors on our website soon!



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