Getting Started with Your New Metal Detector

Getting Started with Your New Metal Detector

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Once you’ve made the decision to buy a new metal detector and get home with it, you no doubt can’t wait to get started with some detecting. But where exactly should you start? You can take your detector with you practically anywhere – the opportunities are endless and limited only by your imagination. Finds can be made anywhere; you only need to take a look at any recent detecting magazine or website and you will see that there is an abundance of amazing finds being made. This shows there are still plenty of treasures waiting to be found, but some sites are more productive than others, so it helps to know the best type of places to go detecting. All it takes is a little bit of research to identify the most promising and productive goldfields or treasure hunting sites to detect.

There are many different types of valuable objects you can find with your new metal detector, such as rare coins, ancient relics of past civilizations, lost jewelry and gold nuggets. Nuggets are generally found in different places to where you would typically find coins, relics or jewelry, so where you go detecting depends greatly on what you would like to find.


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