Minelab Introduces the Pro-Find 40 Pinpointer

Minelab Introduces the Pro-Find 40 Pinpointer

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Discover buried treasures with the Minelab Pro-Find 40 Pinpointer, a must-have tool designed for the complete detectorist. Unearth coins, rings, and gold with unparalleled precision, both on land and underwater, thanks to its impressive depth and speed capabilities.

The Minelab Pro-Find 40 boasts increased depth, finely tuned algorithms, and circuitry that deliver a solid increase in detection depth by 10%, making the Pro-Find 40 Minelab’s deepest and most accurate pinpointer.

Equipped with advanced features, the PRO-FIND 40 offers an adjustable 5-level sensitivity, allowing you to customize your detection settings for optimal results. Its Rapid Re-tune function ensures quick and easy ground balancing, so you can spend more time digging up valuable finds and less time adjusting settings.

Identifying targets has never been easier with the PRO-FIND 40’s ferrous tone ID, which helps distinguish between different metals, streamlining your treasure-hunting experience. The high visibility and LED flashlight ensure that you won’t miss any potential targets, even in low-light conditions.

Never worry about losing your valuable tool, as the PRO-FIND 40 comes with a handy lost-alarm feature that alerts you if it’s left behind. The included holster and lanyard offer convenient carrying options, while the 9V PP3 battery provides long-lasting power for extended detecting sessions.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate beginner, the Minelab Pro-Find 40 Pinpointer is an essential companion for any treasure hunter, offering unmatched performance and reliability. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and unearth hidden treasures with confidence, thanks to the precision and efficiency of the PRO-FIND 40.

Check out the Minelab Pro-Find 40.


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