Nokta Makro Mini / Midi Hoard Metal Detectors

Nokta Makro Mini & Midi Hoard Kids Metal Detectors: What are the differences?

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With the arrival of Nokta Makro’s newest kid’s detectors, the Mini and Midi Hoard, many are asking, what exactly are the differences between these new metal detectors? The Midi Hoard has a few more features, making it better suited to the 8-12+ age group. These include an additional Audio Tone, 3 levels of sensitivity settings, 2 levels of discrimination, and a 2 level volume control. The Midi has a 7-inch coil, compared to the 6-inch of the Mini. Additionally, the Midi Hoard is longer, with an adjustable length of 32.5 to 43 inches, compared to the Mini Hoard's 25 - 35 inches. Lastly, there is a slight weight difference, .2 lbs. between the Mini & Midi. Whether choosing the Mini Hoard or the Midi Hoard, these detectors are sure to get kids back into nature, seeking treasure, and new adventures. The Mini Hoard is also available with a "Cool Kit", including a sand scoop, sifter, and stickers to customize your metal detector. For a side-by-side comparison of features see below:

Ideal Age Operating Frequency Audio Tones Pinpoint Sensitivity Setting Discrimination LED Indicator Depth Indicator Battery Indicator Auto Shut-off & Alarm Volume Control Search Coil Display Weight Length Battery

4 - 8 years 15kHz 2 Yes - Iron Discrimination Pinpoint & Discrimination 3 Levels Yes Yes - 6" (15cm) Custom LCD 1.7lbs (780gr) 25" - 35" (63-90cm) 2xAA (not included)

8 - 12+ years 15kHz 3 Yes 3 Levels 2 Levels Pinpoint & Discrimination 3 Levels Yes Yes 2 Levels 7" (18cm) Custom LCD 1.9lbs (880gr) 32.5" - 43" 2xAA (not included)


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