Quest XPointer Scuba Tector

Quest XPointer Scuba Tector - Getting Started

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  1. Detection Coil
  2. Effective Area
  3. Flashlight LED
  4. Indication LED
  5. Buzzer
  6. Power
  7. Mode
  8. Battery cover
  9. Anchor loop
Warning: Positive buoyancy, always attach the lanyard.

Quick Start

Quest Xpointer Scuba Tector Quick Start

Snorkeling mode(0~10M depth)

Power on/off (default) Press the Power button once to power on. Press again to power off. Power on/off (retune on) Press the Power button once to power on. Press 1S to power off. Quest Xpointer Scuba Tector Quick Start

Dive mode

(10~60M) Hold two buttons for 2sec to enter dive mode. The red light will flash 5 times and vibration will start. Click mode 3 times quickly to switch back to shallow water mode.


  • Always make sure the battery cap is tightened before entering the water. Only open battery cap with clean hand.
  • Always store your detector fully charged.
  • Always rinse equipment in fresh water after every dive.
  • Always apply silicone grease after cleaning Oring.
  • Only open battery cap by clean hand.
  • Never leave your equipment in the rinse bucket. It may be damaged by other equipment.


Quest Xpointer Pro Sensitivity When powered on, keep pressing the Mode button and quickly press the power button to change the sensitivity level from 1~4 (highest level). Each level will sound an extra beep until level 4 which will sound a long beep.


Quest XPointer Scuba Tector AlarmWhen powered on, press the Mode button quickly to switch through the three different alarm modes (Beep, Vibration only, Beep and Vibrate)

Losing mode

The probe will start to beep at a certain frequency when no alarm or operating for 3 minutes. This is to remind the user to power off or to pick up and re-use.

Power saving mode

The probe will turn off automatically after 3 minutes alarming under losing mode to save battery.


Quest XPointer Scuba Tector Programming While powered on, keep pressing on Mode button for 4 seconds to enter LED light control programming. While indicator and flashlight both light up, a quick press on mode button to switch from four modes(indicator only, flashlight only, all off, all on). Turn on/off tuning function. Under Expert Mode, quick press the power button once to activate/deactivate the retune function.


Quest XPointer Scuba Tector Retrieve
  • Swing the detector in overlap style.
  • You can use the side of coil to pinpoint the target.
  • Retune function. The retuning function is designed for ground balance to high mineralization conditions or to narrow down the target position. The Xpointer family is powered by Pulse Induction technology which will not produce any falsing to saltwater or black sand environment. You can use this function to help you get closer to the target. Just quick press the power button once to mute the alarm and move again until you hear the target. You can also turn it off to make the operation simple.

Low Battery

Quest XPointer Pro Low Battery Low battery When the probes flashlight starts to blink at a certain frequency, it means it needs recharging. You can still use it but the sensitivity will be a little lower.

Remove Battery Cap

Quest XPointer Pro Remove Battery Cap Remove Battery Cap Hold and twist the battery cap anti-clockwise to loosen it. Hold and twist clockwise to re-tight. Beware of cross-threading the cap and body when tightening the cap.


xpointer_pro_recharging • We strongly recommend you use a quality wall charger when re-charge the probe. It will take about 2~3 hours to fully charge. • Laptop or desktop computer’s USB port produce lower power which could make the recharging longer than a wall charger. • The probe will stop blinking when it is fully charged. You can leave the USB cable inside the recharge house after recharging.


Cleaning the Device

  1. Use tap water or dampen a clean cloth with a mild detergent solution.
  2. Wipe the device with a damp cloth.
  3. Thoroughly dry the device.
Avoid chemical cleaners and solvents which can damage plastic components. The device is waterproof to 60M/200FT. It can withstand immersion in 60M/200FT of water for 30 minutes. After submersion, be certain to wipe dry and air dry the device before using or charging. Do not store the device where prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can occur because it can cause permanent damage.


Clean dust sand and fabric if spotted. Even a tiny grain of sand will cause water ingress. Apply quality silicone O-ring grease thoroughly. Change O-ring once a year at least. Use qualified original parts only.

Dive Mode Control

Quest XPointer Scuba Tector Dive Mode Control Tilt it upside down 3X to activate the detection mode(DMA). The detector is ready to use. The red indicator will blink twice every 3 sec. You are ready to search. Quest XPointer Scuba Tector Dive Mode Control Keep 5 Seconds Deactivate: Keep the coil up for 5 seconds to turn back to no standby mode (DMS). The red indicator will blink once every 3 sec. The unit is still powered on until power off at snorkeling mode. Notice: Under deep water when two buttons have been pressed down, the detector will switch to dive mode automatically.


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