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The Gripworks Bucket Handle Grips & How to Use Them!

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The bucket handle grips from THE GRIPWORKS are an excellent solution for reducing hand fatigue, numb fingers, or arthritis pain. These grips spread the load onto more of the surface area of your hand, letting you carry heavy objects longer and pain free. This will reduce the possibilities of any arm, shoulder, or back pain or injuries.


How To Use Them


The Gripworks Bucket Handle Grips 01


THE GRIPWORKS handles are two pieces that are connected by 4 clips (2 inside each piece). There are two plastic posts that are located on the inside of each piece.


The Gripworks Bucket Handle Grips 02The Gripworks Bucket Handle Grips 03


These need to be broken off in order to connect the two pieces together.


The Gripworks Bucket Handle Grips 04


After these are broken, simply connect the clips over a handle that will fit inside THE GRIPWORKS, like shown in the image below. One-Time use only, will NOT come apart again if accidentally closed. THE GRIPWORKS bucket handles are perfect for carrying buckets, pet cages, rope, twine and much more. Be sure to check out all of our different packages here!


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