They're Almost Here - Motley Digging Tools!

They're Almost Here - Motley Digging Tools!

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We're excited to announce we'll soon be carrying Motley Digging Tool products in our online store! Motley Digging Tools offers digging tools and scoops in an array of colors, designed to work well and look great.

Highlights include:

The Forest Fox and Parc Fox Shovels

  • Adjustable, from as short as 26" to as long as 39"
  • High-grade heat-treated steel sandblasted
  • D Handle
  • The Forest Fox has CNC-sharpened cutting teeth
  • The Field Fox has a shorter pointed blade for digging smaller plugs

Motley Grassknife

  • Double serrated edge
  • CNC sharpened cutting teeth
  • Motley hexagon grip
  • For left and right-handers

Beach Scoops

  • Available with or without a handle
  • Ultra strong
  • Motley hexagon grip
  • 2-step footpath
  • Easy lock handle to scoop

Hand Beach Scoops

  • Made from 2mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel for strength
  • Electric polished high-grade steel and powder coated.
  • Nonslip rubber Motley handgrip
  • The Buccaneer has a hexagon hole diameter of 10mm, dimensions of 9.48" x 8.62" x 5.51", and weighs 2.33 lbs.
  • The Excavator has a hexagon hole diameter of 10mm, dimensions of 9.29" x 5.66" x 5.66", and weighs 1.58 lbs.


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