Fisher Goldbug 2 Control Box Update

Update for the Fisher Goldbug 2

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July 2021 brings us a great update to the classic Fisher Goldbug 2! This metal detector has been updated with a modernized backlit display. This display will show:
  • Depth Indicator
  • Ground Reject Setting
  • Operating Mode Indicator
  • Mineralization Indicator
  • Backlight Indicator
  • Battery Status
  • Ground Reject Bar
This updated GoldBug 2 has the same built-in Fisher quality you're used to, backed by 90 years of engineering excellence. The GoldBug 2 features:
  • Dust and moisture resistant control box.
  • Removable control housing for hip-mount and fatigue-free prospecting.
  • Elliptical search coils are available in three sizes: 6.5, 10, and 14 inches.
  • Lightweight design, only 2.9 lbs. with cushioned armrest and foam-grip handle.
  • Built-in detector stand.
  • Intuitive manual ground mineralization adjustment with digital read-out.
  • Double locking, fiberglass reinforced, nylon lower stem.
  • Quartz crystal locked electronics.
With a high frequency of 71 kHz, the Goldbug 2 is extremely sensitive to small gold nuggets. Have questions? Contact us at or browse our Fisher Goldbug 2 bundles and Goldbug 2 compatible coils today.


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