Minelab Vanquish 440

Vanquish 440 | 550: Getting Started

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  1. Backlight On/Off (540 only) Turns the backlight on and off.
  2. Power On/Off Turns the detector on and off. Press and hold from Off (7 seconds) to restore factory settings.
  3. Volume Adjust Adjusts the audio Volume Level.
  4. All‑Metal Turns on/off the All‑Metal Discrimination Pattern to detect all metal targets, including iron. Long-press to toggle the Iron Bias (540 only).
  5. Pinpoint Press and hold to enable Pinpoint to locate the exact position of a target prior to recovery.
  6. Sensitivity Adjusts the Sensitivity Level.
  7. Accept/Reject Accepts or Rejects targets by turning on/off individual Discrimination Segments.
  8. Discrimination Pattern Edit Navigates left and right to select individual Discrimination Segments when editing a Discrimination Pattern.
  9. Search Mode Selects the next available Search Mode. Long-press to store the current Search Mode Discrimination Pattern to the Custom Search Mode.
  10. Bluetooth On/Off (540 only) Enables Bluetooth for connection of wireless headphones. Long-press to enable Bluetooth pairing for connecting new headphones.
  11. Target Identification Guide A reference guide indicating the types of targets that can be found for the corresponding Target Identification Segment.


Minelab Vanquish 440 | 540 Display

  1. Battery Level Indicates the current battery level.
  2. Backlight Indicator (540 only) Indicates that the backlight is On.
  3. Bluetooth Indicator (540 only) Indicates that Bluetooth wireless audio is On. blutoothStandard Bluetooth bluetooth plus Bluetooth Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency for optimum wireless audio performance
  4. Volume Level Displays the detector audio volume.
  5. Sensitivity Level Displays the Sensitivity level.
  6. Iron Bias Indicator (540 only) Indicates that Iron Bias is set to ‘Low’.
  7. Target Identification Number Indicates the numerical value of a detected target, allowing the identification of an object before digging. For example, a US quarter will always display the same Target Identification (ID) Number. Negative numbers are ferrous, positive numbers are nonferrous from fine gold (low ID’s) to large silver (high ID’s).
  8. Depth Gauge Shows the approximate depth of a detected target.
  9. Search Modes Displays the active Search Mode.
  10. Discrimination Segments Represents groupings of Target Identification Numbers as a single segment on a scale. Segments can be turned on and off to create a Discrimination Pattern. Discrimination Segments align with the Target Identification Guide.
  11. Pinpoint Indicator Indicates that Pinpoint is enabled.

Search Modes

The VANQUISH 440 and 540 have four Search Modes that each have unique target separation and depth abilities. Choosing the right Search Mode will help you find more of what you’re looking for.

Minelab Vanquish Coil Search Mode


Find common modern coins from around the world while ignoring trash in parks and at the beach. Coin Mode is recommended for trashy locations because it has the best target separation abilities of all the modes. This means you won’t miss good targets that are buried directly next to ferrous trash. The default discrimination pattern for this mode rejects all ferrous (iron) targets and also rejects small non-ferrous trash such as foil.

Minelab Vanquish Relic Search Mode


Locate relics deep and forgotten in time in fields and forests. Relic Mode has the best detection depth of all of the modes but slightly reduced target separation ability. This means you can detect as deep as possible, to find long-lost treasures. The default discrimination pattern for this mode rejects all ferrous (iron) targets and also rejects small non-ferrous trash such as foil.

Minelab Vanquish Jewelry Search Mode


Recover precious jewelry no matter where it was lost. Jewellery Mode balances target separation and depth, making it an excellent all-rounder between Relic Mode and Coin Mode. Unlike the other Modes, Jewellery Mode tones are adjusted to ensure that fine gold jewelry is not classified as trash. This makes Jewellery Mode ideal for finding jewelry of all shapes, sizes, and metal compositions. The default discrimination pattern for this mode rejects only ferrous (iron) targets.

Minelab Vanquish Custom Search Mode


A customizable user mode. This Mode is for saving your favorite Search Mode and your own discrimination pattern. You can adjust the Discrimination Pattern in this mode without losing your changes when the detector is powered off. The default discrimination pattern rejects all ferrous (iron targets, and also rejects a broad range of non-ferrous trash such as foil, pull-tabs, and bottle caps.


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