Teknetics Eurotek Pro Metal Detector

The Teknetics Eurotek Pro metal detector is an advanced detector that combines powerful features and user-friendly operation for an exceptional detecting experience. With its easy 3-button operation, the Eurotek Pro is perfect for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. Take control of your hunt with adjustable iron audio, variable iron discrimination, and variable tone breakpoint, allowing you to fine-tune your settings to maximize your finds. The fast recovery speed and great target separation ensure you won't miss any valuable treasures. Navigate with precision using the pinpoint mode with a depth indicator, while the iron LED indicator helps you identify iron targets. Customize your audio experience with separate and independent iron target volume control, expanded iron range, and variable audio. Whether you're coin hunting, exploring beaches, searching for jewelry, or seeking ancient relics, the Teknetics Eurotek Pro is designed to deliver exceptional performance and accuracy. Discover a world of hidden treasures with the Teknetics Eurotek Pro metal detector and embark on your next exciting adventure.
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