Customer Care

At Serious Detecting we provide the best line of metal detectors complemented by a broad assortment of parts and useful accessories. You can rely on us for a consistent experience of quality, customer service and in-depth information. We are committed to your satisfaction. Please call us to see how we can deliver the value you are looking for. Because of our close ties with manufacturers, we can help our customers in the most efficient manner regarding fast product service, complaint resolution, ordering of specialty products and rare to find parts, and we can also provide in-depth product information and answer questions you cannot get answers to. We are committed to working with you and doing our very best to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. If you ever feel that Serious Detecting let you down, contact us. We are dedicated to keep you as a customer. Our policies and processes are structured to give you the highest level of satisfaction and flexibility. Please click on the links below to learn more.