Fisher Impulse-AQ Metal Detector

Discover the cutting-edge technology and lightweight elegance of the Impulse AQ® Limited, a game-changer in Pulse Induction innovation. Whether in freshwater or saltwater, even among volcanic sands, this detector reigns supreme. Tailored for beachcombing, wading, and shallow-water quests, the Impulse AQ® Limited sets the benchmark for unearthing coastal treasures. Unmatched in depth detection, its pulse induction design revolutionizes saltwater beach exploration. With steadfast performance in challenging marine conditions, where others falter, the Impulse operates consistently. Equipped with variable Iron Reject, it distinguishes diverse iron targets, particularly nails. Experience unparalleled sensitivity and swift recovery speed with the Impulse-AQ, enabling the retrieval of long-buried treasures amidst iron-rich shores. Embark on a journey to uncover profound gold unreachable by any other detector.
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