Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector

Embark on your next metal detecting adventure with the Teknetics Gamma 6000. This high-performance metal detector is designed to handle tough ground conditions, making it perfect for coin hunting, jewelry hunting, relic hunting, and more. With its GROUNDGRAB™ control and on-screen mineralization indicator, you can easily adjust the settings to suit the terrain and maximize your treasure finds. The multiple tone Target-ID audio feature allows you to identify targets by sound alone, providing an efficient and intuitive detecting experience. Take control of your search by notching out unwanted target categories, ensuring you focus on valuable items. The no-motion All Metal Pinpoint Mode with depth indication enables you to zero in on your targets with precision. Whether you're exploring dry beaches, venturing into freshwater areas, or searching for historical relics, the Teknetics Gamma 6000 is equipped to deliver outstanding performance and accurate results. Unleash your treasure-hunting potential with the Teknetics Gamma 6000 metal detector and uncover hidden treasures that await your discovery.