XP ORX Metal Detector

Unleash the extreme performance of the XP ORX Metal Detector, specifically designed for locating natural gold and coins with remarkable accuracy. With four coil versions available, this detector offers endless possibilities for treasure hunters of all levels.

Choose from the 9" X35 coil or the 11" X35 coil, both offering an impressive 35 frequencies to optimize your detecting experience. Additionally, the HF elliptical coil and the 9" HF coil provide high frequencies for enhanced sensitivity and target detection.

Experience the XP ORX's high sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the smallest and deepest targets. With frequencies reaching up to 80kHz, this detector excels in uncovering hidden treasures with exceptional precision.

Unlock advanced features and customization options with the XP ORX Metal Detector. Tailor your detecting programs to suit your specific preferences and hunting style. With customizable programs, you can optimize settings for different terrains and target types, maximizing your chances of finding valuable treasures.

Elevate your metal detecting game with the XP ORX, a powerful tool designed to enhance your treasure hunting experience. Its extreme performance, advanced features, and customizable programs make it a top choice among metal detector enthusiasts. Uncover precious artifacts, coins, and natural gold with the precision and sensitivity of the XP ORX Metal Detector today.