First Silver Coin

First Silver Coin

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Hunted a small patch of grass in the oldest part of town which dates back to late 1850’s. I hunted the area with the Minelab explorer with SEF 10x12 coil, Garrett ATX, and Minelab CTX. The CTX did a very good job sniffing out a lot of the seated, barbers, and mercs but I knew there was some silver on edge that haven’t been found. On 3-10-22 I hit the grassy area with the Deus 2 for the first time. Right off the bat dug a 1920s wheatie at 7 inches minutes later and dug my first silver coin with the D2 an 1887s seated dime! The coin is in terrible shape due to a chemical reaction from fertilizers. A couple of feet away I dug up a 1916s Buffalo nickel. Used #12 beach P program. Love the square and pitch tones.

By: Denny W.



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