Root Bound Class Ring

Root Bound Class Ring

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A few years ago in Austin during an extended drought, I searched the dried-up Barton Creek. I used to live on the Barton Creek Green Belt and had tubed the creek after heavy rains along with many other fun seekers. Knowing how fast currents strip tubers of their jewelry, I decided to try my luck recovering some of it. While detecting one of the low areas in the limestone creekbed I got a strong signal on my Garrett Sea Hunter. After clearing a few inches of gravel, I found a simple gold wedding band and checked the area again getting another good signal. I uncovered another ring but it was a little harder to retrieve. It was a man's class ring with a tree root growing through it! It took a while to chop the root with my trowel to free the trapped ring. Afterward while cleaning the ring, I discovered that the growing root had expanded enough to make a fine crack in the ring !! I didn't take any photos of the 2 rings but I'm including a photo of a few of my beach finds from Goa, India, and my current Minelab Excalibur detector.

By: Brad C




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