Silver Barber Half A Day

Silver Barber Half A Day

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First time at a new place while wearing my Serious Detecting hat, with my Equinox 800. The first day on my second sound out pops out an 1895 Barber Half. I was having a hard time with my cheap Garrett wannabe pinpointer trying to save money due to enjoying retirement. Well two days later I returned to the spot where I found the half dollar with my stepson, the first real nice sound turned out to be a ring that had Believe in Miracles engraved. We decided to head back to the truck to find another spot, unknowingly I hit a real screaming sound which turned out to be a 1907 Barber Half. I was really excited about the find, joking around saying that this place gives up a silver coin a day! I am definitely interested in getting Garrett's pinpointer !!!

By: Adrien D.

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