Discover the power of Falcon Metal Detectors in your quest for valuable metals. With their superior ability to detect gold, silver, copper, platinum, and other precious metals in rock formations, Falcons provide prospectors with an unprecedented tool. In the past, miners relied solely on visual inspection to separate valuable ore from "worthless rocks," resulting in the unintentional discard of millions of dollars' worth of valuable ore. But now, with the electronic sight of a Falcon, those hidden metals can finally be found in tailing piles and other previously undetectable locations. The MD20 series of Falcons brings even greater sensitivity and power, enabling modern prospectors to uncover gold in places never before possible. Compact enough to fit in your pocket yet rugged enough for field use, the MD20 is an essential tool for any serious prospector. Join the ranks of successful treasure hunters with Falcon Metal Detectors and unlock the potential of hidden riches.
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