Bounty Hunter Junior Find

Bounty Hunter Junior - The Blue Convertible

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One day my son Sean, 8, and I were out for a drive that lasted a couple of hours. While on the road Sean kept pointing out the Ram pickup trucks and saying that he would like to own one and blue was his choice for a color. Not light blue like the sky and not dark blue that was almost black. He had a shade of blue in mind that we saw on a few cars that day. Then Sean asked me if I would like to own a convertible that was the same shade of blue. We both agreed that a blue convertible would be cool to drive. About a week or so later we were vacationing at Lake George and went to the beach so Sean and his sister Melissa, 6, could try the Bounty Hunter Junior that we had just bought for them. Sean was the first to try and his first find was a blue convertible toy car! The color was just like we had talked about in the car that day before vacation, too. That day's finds and the next day's are in the picture. Great start for them.

By: John G

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