Class Ring Lost 50 Years Returned to Owner

Class Ring Lost 50 Years Returned to Owner

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I have been metal detecting for over 30 years, and I really enjoy the hunt for buried treasure. I have unearthed many unusual items. Literally handfuls of rings, earrings, chains, watches, phones, keys, and a good-sized wheelbarrow full of coins. People call me when they lose things. They point to an area in the park or on the beach. Sometimes I get an itinerary of stops or a path followed. It is usually a process of elimination until the item is found. It is always a thrill to recover the lost item; but it is not that difficult, because the owner is pointing to the place they lost the item. On a recent hunt for a lost engagement ring, I found an unexpected treasure. It was a High School Class Ring from 1971. The first thing I did when I got home was to call the city and turn myself in for digging the hole. Turns out there is no ordinance, and no they don't keep lost item reports. I went to the yearbook and isolated three potential candidates, but had no luck running them down on Google. I was finally successful with a post on the Facebook Class Reunion page; the following evening the ring owner called me. Turns out George lost his ring playing ball in that park 51 years earlier. He was elated to get the ring back. When people ask what is the most valuable thing I have found I try to describe the gratitude and shock of someone like George when their long-lost ring was returned. It beats the thrill of every silver nickel, mercury dime, and Indian penny I have found put together.

By: Daniel B.


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