Find of a Life Time

Find of a Life Time

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Who wouldn't want the opportunity to detect an old piece of land? (No one I know...LOL). The opportunity came when my cousin Doug who dabbles with detecting but knew I was a hardcore detectorist landed a couple of permissions where he lives in Vermont, he invited me and my hunting partner, Brian, to come and give it a shot. It’s a 4-hour trek from Syracuse NY to Reading VT but we were up for a change of pace from the same parks we hunt to death but still manage to keep finding things to make us come back “never hunted out”. We arrived on that beautiful sunny morning ready for an adventure. Little did we know what a day it would be. Brian struck first with a couple of older coins, twenty minutes into the hunt I open my hole, and there laying in the dirt I see large and round!!!! Thinking I had just unearthed a copper I call Brian and my cousin Doug over for the unveiling so they Brian could get some footage for his youtube channel “Yerdigginit”, as I picked it up I said oh it, not a coin I feel a shank, never having dug a dandy button before I was still going to be pleased as this would be the first. Rubbing some dirt off, we see text, our excitement is peeking now jokingly saying maybe it’s a GW, LOL. The text was perfectly legible “unity, prosperity, and independence" not knowing what it was ( never imagining it actually was a GW) a quick internet search revealed to our astonishment that this is indeed considered to be a patriotic GW series button !!!!!! Further investigation tells us that this particular style is listed as “ultra-rare” and at the best estimate is given after reading numerous articles that there are less than ten known examples. A GW was a thrill but to find one that is listed as ultra-rare I was over the moon!!!! We hunted the rest of the day and did well finding a variety of coins and relics covering three centuries, the 4-hour ride home was a blur as all the chat about the button made the time fly by, I was so happy that Brian was able to capture the moment and to share it with Brian and Doug. All this can be seen on Brian’s youtube channel Yerdigginit.....check it out

By: Royal P.

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