Fisher F5 - New "Mars Tiger" Coil Upgrade

Fisher F5 - New "Mars Tiger" Coil Upgrade

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A few months ago, added a " Mars Tiger" deep seeking coil for my Fisher F5. With lite winter, was able to hunt entire season and even went to spots I hunted already, but with different coil, was amazed at what I passed. I hit so many coins and jewelry that was deeper than I was used to digging.1882 rose patterned sterling baby spoon(beauty but almost to china. lol..).I then went along a small crick and in 3 inches of water, a Nazi Germany party Spoon.(silver plated zinc).I normally swear by a Fisher 5' dd to get level in spots big coils can't fit, but this new Tiger is AMAZING. Can see so much deeper and in water they are so accurate in identification. I learned to never rule out a property, until I ran multi coils because each has it's own specialty. Many war vet's in my area, and can imagine him returning from France, unable to fathom what he just lived through, tossing the spoon never wanting to see that symbol again. No matter what brand unit you have, multi sized coil's are a MUST. Each has it's own windshield to see through.

By: Timothy A.


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