Fisher F5 - The Dune Poseidon in Rocky Creekside

Fisher F5 - The Dune Poseidon in Rocky Creekside

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With the severe Tick epidemic, detecting has moved to water. Two hours ago I found this US-M1851 Buckle, same creek I found Germany spoon a week or two back. I was using my F5 with the "Dune Poseidon" heavy duty sifter, was up under a washed out bank. I had patience and lucky I stuck with it, was a foot down in creek muck. I will go back to see if I can find the Laurel wreath flats that solder on these early models, but if not (No Biggy)… 30 miles south was a Massacre in ca.1870 where Natives attacked settlers(Wyoming Valley), so who knows how it got up this far?. It does not matter what model unit you run, must get these rugged Sifters and some cheap hip boots. Often creeks and streams swelled and horses got washed away crossing, so these relic's can turn up anywhere. My Fisher was tripped far right on "Epic Silver", yet sizing target, was small.. About 10 Scoop's down I flopped what resembled a flattened can, all slimy. Already my upgraded coil and Dune Poseidon paid for themselves, the items are there. Special when they are from "Your" life's stomping grounds. Anyway to hunt without tick's crawling all over me. Bad here in Penna. Fellow Detectorist's must get one of these, this creek was not up to my knees. Anyone can do it. The Raw pictures of slimy relic were off my phone, the others after I cleaned it up. Marked 349( Upper left) and a stamp under clip. Had my gain maxed, was deep. Noticing the other finds reported here, so nice to see people hitting Victory!!! Best Wishes for everyone..

By: Timothy A.

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