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It was mid to late morning on a Friday in December 2021 and the day warmed up nicely. So I decided to fire up the Nox and hit an area that I've been over several times before. I Parked the truck, dawned my gear, fired up the Nox, and away I went. I hadn't gone very far when I had an unusually high sound and above the normal numerical range in the box. I thought probably an old bottle cap or something in that form. I almost didn't dig it but thought it's not very deep and curiosity took over. The first shovel and I was striking a large rock that was about 6 inches deep. Out pops a Pennsylvania National Guard button. Now I've dug several in this area before, but this thing was in perfect shape and intact! So I dug a couple of round balls but the button was weighing heavy on my mind. How well will this button clean up? So home I went to see what it would look like cleaned. It surpassed my expectations, to say the least! What do you think?

By: Greg C. 





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