Minelab Equinox 800 - Civil War, CSA Belt Buckle

Minelab Equinox 800 - Civil War, CSA Belt Buckle

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Last Saturday I found an extremely rare Civil War Confederate belt buckle on a 100+ year-old farm. My Dad and I just recently upgraded from Ace 400s to Minelab Equinox 800s and after revisiting some sites we had hit before with the Aces we decided we should finally give our farm permission a try. Detecting around the Houses was difficult due to how iron infested it was. I switched to my 6" coil on the Equinox pretty much right away to help pinpoint targets amongst all the Iron. About halfway through the day, I got a good but sort of iffy signal, when I flipped the plug out of the whole I didn't initially see the target but I felt it and it just felt like a piece of scrap metal. So I used my spade to sort of pry it out. Which I now know I should not have done! I cleaned off my find and was amazed. I thought it might be fake at first until I turned it over to see the 3 prongs. I knew then it could be real. I posted it on the NC Dirt Detectives Facebook group for verification and they all said it was real and worth several thousand dollars even though I bent it a bit. This is the first real treasure I have found detecting and I am even more hooked now. Ever since I was a kid I would dig random holes in the backyard trying to find treasure, well I finally found some, and its an amazing feeling.

By: Jacob S.

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