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Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi - Banging New Nokta Anfibio

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Every few years after hitting same old spots with permission. It seems like it's time for new machine. I bought a much touted detector & just didn't meld with it. Decided to go with a Notka Anfibio Multi late in our digging season before 100°/100% humidity. I'm getting too old for that! Anyways, first trip out with Notka, I fell in love! Easy set-up, fast as lightening, & deep but, seem like it throttled back in iron. I was digging relics in pounded site, cool as hell. Plus Notka makes coils for every type of detecting situation! So, what's not to like about this machine? I had my confidence back & knew I was on track for some killer finds. It was Just a matter of time & swinging. Before my 2nd outing I received a 9.5"х5.5" coil. A size that I thought would work well in a iron infested site I had in mind, plus would still give decent depth on fringes. I was right, after working in the iron infestation. I dug a rare silver plated American Revolutionary War Rattlesnake button with 13 stars, bars, & rattles. My third outing was to a site several diggers had permission, got to site and evidence pointed it had been hunted very recently. I started to load up for next site but, I had confidence in my new machine. I knew machine & I was becoming one! I'd had named her, it was time to play & dig. This site had produced killer finds decades ago but, had been quiet for years. I didn't dig much but, was digging enough to keep my attention, small flat buttons etc. A bad storm was brewing, it started raining, & it started lightening. Damn, I started swinging for Jeep & home. Cutting through main part of the site. I received clear mellow short deep sounding signal. By this time rain was harder, I kept walking but, thinking damn. Heart of site, hunted for decades, that has to just be 22 shell? I turned around, believe it or not. I quickly found signal again. Just a few inches down, I pulled a square nail. Went back over hole signal was booming now. Reached in with my hand & pulled out a beautiful 1853 Tag. I was stunned, stood up scanned immediate area. I heard nothing but, iron pops. I smiled, cut machine off & started running for the Jeep! Anfibio is a digging machine, it hasn't stopped giving either! More stories to come! Stay tuned my friends!

By: Georgia Digger




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