Normal Day Hunting

Normal Day Hunting

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I was on a trip visiting family near Stanwood, Wa And I decided to go to a local park that has been there a long while. I was out just working the main field when I decided to try the edges of the walkways. I got a few hits pennies mostly. Then I got a double hit between mid-tone and high tone on my detector numbers were high so I decided to check. I found a quarter then the pin pointer starter to hit on more signals. So I got my hand digger and tried to find the item. Digger got stuck on a root so I pulled up hard to cut the root and as I did coins came flying out. I found a pot of coins all in one spot. Of course, I was excited because there was more than I’ve seen in one spot. After that, I found a few here and there. As I was about to move somewhere else I got a hit that was as if a dime or quarter. I begging to dig for it and I saw it a dime I was about to put it in my treasure box when it hit me. I just found a 1944 Liberty silver dime!! One of the best finds this year. I had to cut my hunting short because I started to get people asking me about what I was doing and if I’ve had good luck on my hunts. And you know I always love to talk about medal detecting to whoever wants to learn about it. I’m definitely going back to look for more in that area.

By: David F.

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