Son's Excitement

Son's Excitement

in Metal Detecting Finds Stories

My boyfriend and I took our 3 boys metal detecting in Maine. It was the first time they had been detecting. I was using the detector and marking spots that should be dug. The youngest son was behind me digging and had the pointer. My boyfriend and the other two boys were at the car a little ways back. All of a sudden my son jumped up, started running to me, turned around started to run to my boyfriend, then back to me, then back to my boyfriend. After turning in a few circles he finally decided to run all the way to my boyfriend. We didn't know what had happened. He seemed startled when he jumped up. What happened is he had dug up an 18k gold ring! From then on he has been hooked. He worked and saved and bought his own metal detector! Sadly someone stole it out of his car. I am trying to buy him a new one for Christmas. Thank you.

By: Tiana C.



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