The Right Tools

The Right Tools

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This isn't a story about an amazing find, but rather a story about having the right tools and motivation. I had the genius idea at the start of the pandemic to grab a metal detector and get my kids out in the yard, some walking, some digging, and having their own little adventure. I grabbed an Ace 400 and a shovel and we went to work. We have about 2 acres of yard, and I figured we were bound to find something. And find we did. Some bottle caps, some thin rusted pieces of metal, and areas where I'd get tones, and then find nothing. It didn't take long before both kids were tired of digging and we called it a day pretty early on. Two months later, after a little more research, we decided to try again. This time I had access to an Equinox 800 and, more importantly it seemed, a pinpointer. All of those areas before where I would get tones and find nothing, now I was finding objects by using the pinpointer over the mounds of dirt we dug, and in the hole itself. We ended up doing a lot less digging and had a lot more fun. This found object isn't valuable or particularly impressive, but it is one I passed over in my first attempts at metal detecting. I'll be giving the Ace 400 another try, and I'll never go out without a pinpointer again. I used a Garrett Pro Pointer AT.

By Rebecca B.


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