Top of the Line

Top of the Line

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Thanks to Serious Metal Detectors I finally got something that's Top of the Line. After years of Detecting using other detectors, I bit down and bought a Minelab Equi 800 ( I've been unemployed since March of 2020) with my Wonderful Wife's blessing and a credit card. Only live once right? After studying (thanks Mr. Sabisch) and waiting for a Hurricane name Ida, I headed for the beach with an hour or so to kill to do some "Testing". WAM, What A Machine, this detector is spot on. Quarters were on, penny was on, depth was dead on. And no these weren't great finds but they are up there with the most memorable, and isn't that what it's all about? Henderson Point and Coin Beach here I come. Equi 800 it is Truly one of the best. Thanks again SMD for hooking me up and special Thanks to My Wife for Saying Go For It, guess I already had Top of the Line the whole time. 

By: Brian R.

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