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I live on the outskirts of Easton Pa right off of 611. There is a cave that sets back in the woods, I remember going their in my younger days to sit around a campfire and drink a few beers during summer break from high school. I only have been in the big opening of the cave I never ventured into any of the crawl spaces but I know of people that have and it can be very dangerous but when your a teenager I guess your not thinking about that. A friend of mine told me there are so every right spots to get through and that it was pitch black and you would have to crawl on your belly. He also said that the cave goes under the Delaware river and comes out onto the New Jersey side. He also said there were a number of times kids got lost and had to be rescued. Not sure if anyone ever died in there in my time. There are also tales of the famous downs gang hiding treasures in the caves that they found along the route now know as 611. Well with that being said I usually metal detect alone and never got my nerve up to enter even the big portion of the cave with my metal detector in fear of a wild animal taking shelter in there. One day I was up on the hill and I could see the cave Opening in the distance so I ventured a little closer and started to metal detect on a path that the deer had been using for many many years. I had found a lot of trash previous to this day but today it sounded like a coin with a quick high pearched beep so I got excited. About 2 inches under the ground I found a penny it was dated 1980. I was disappointed but at least I found a coin. I decided to venture a little closer hitting on a lot of tim and and caps but again I heard a distinct beep and I almost didn’t dig it because it wasn’t a high reading On my detector but I thought to my self what the hell I minds well and low and behold I thought I found an old quarter but then I thought well it’s not very shinny so it must not be that old so I put it in my pouch and continued on with no luck. Before I headed back to the car I sat down smoke a cigerette and got the coin out again to take a better look and notice it seemed bigger than a quarter, now I was excited and didn’t know what I had. I didn’t want to damage it so I hurried home and ran it under some water and when it was washed I still didn’t know what I had. I had to get out my iPad and look it up since I am not a seasoned metal detector! Well low and behold it was a 1721 king George 1/2 cent piece! Someone dropped this coin before we were the United States of American. One day soon I will venture into the cave and who knows what I will find!

By: Sandra F.

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